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Client Case Study

Xborder4u works closely with our Client on both short-term and long-term marketplace strategy to first gain brand awareness, then grow sales and demand by leveraging different tools and mechanisms provided by the marketplace, including marketing tools, promotion campaign mechanisms, merchandizing engine and customer service chat tools.

Here is a case study of a client who uses all our three pillars of services, including marketplace management, brand website establishment and crowdfunding service.

 Eastcolight is originally a traditional manufacturer for toys and maintains a B2B business model.

After enrolling Xborder4u’s service, we first helped them expand their market into the online B2C sector.

 With such approach, they were able to sell directly to customers and collect direct feedback from the users, which were absent from previous B2B business model. In the Black Friday week, with the team’s collective efforts, one of the SKUs sold for around a quantity of 200 pieces on Amazon in a single week.

With such successful case and promising figure, Eastcolight has built up confidence to even expand into the self-developing brand method. That’s how their own brand Stembanana was formed.

Tasked with the development of the brand’s website, Xborder4u has utilized its expertise in transaction/payment infrastructure, user interface, user experience, chatbot and data analytics to craft an intuitive and easy to use website.

Our professional visual improvement service also presents the best part of their stem toys.

Being the longterm strategic parter with Microsoft, Google Ads and BingAds, Xborder4u helped the brand execute effective and efficient advertisement in different high traffic websites.

After building its strong brand awareness, Xborder4u has been able to organise brand event for the brand and affiliate marketing such as the Disneyland free ticket sales boosting event.

The brand Stembanana has thus successfully and effectively spread its product and boost its brand image globally and locally.

Spotting the success of many crowdfunding projects and the perfect position of Stembanana supported by Eastcolight as an innovative brand, we took their game to the next level by introducing them into the crowdfunding sector and helped launch their campaign, “AR Micro-Blocks — The First AR-enabled Microscope”.

Fulfilment for Kickstarter campaign has always been the bottleneck for many creators or inventors. However, Xborder4u’s long-time experience in the logistic game blew such obstacle out of the water. With our establishment of overseas’ warehouse and logistic infrastructure, we seamlessly helped the brand distribute over 20 countries across the globe and completed the whole fulfilment timely, which has always been a rare case for crowdfunding campaign.

Xborder4u will continuously help Eastcolight/Stembanana to up their e-commerce game in the long run and introduce more innovative products to the consumers.

And Xborder4u is excited to work with more clients to enable them to expand, pivot and grow exponentially in terms of our 3 pillars of service: marketplace management, brand website establishment and crowdfunding service.

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