Ecommerce Trends & How Our Clients Beat The Competition During the Pandemic (With Case Studies)

Ecommerce has revolutionized retail. It has expanded to meet the changing needs of people and to make online shopping simpler for global consumers.

When it started, ecommerce was fairly limited in its capabilities.  But not anymore, with many ecommerce platforms (such as Amazon or Shopify) available for anyone to sell on, you can start your ecommerce business anytime and anywhere. 

One question you may ask is "If anyone can start an ecommerce business, then there will be too much competition, so why start?"


Well during the pandemic period of 2019-present time, many more people started their own ecommerce business and ecommerce sales increased exponentially!

We have two case study testimonials from our clients who both started their ecommerce journey between 2019-2020. We can tell you our clients DEFEATED our expectations and certainly BEAT the competition during the pandemic. So check out below for more details and our case study proving our case. 

"Xborder4u increased our Amazon Sales by 1000%"

KBH Owner

The Current Ecommerce Trend

Global Revenue of Ecommerce is expected to hit 5 Trillion in 2024. Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2022-2027) of 12.24%. 

Also referring to the chart below, it displays the impact to global ecommerce revenues the pandemic has had, adding an additional 19% sales growth for 2020, plus 22% sales growth to the existing 9% ,and 12% regular forecast sales growth rates. 


There is still a huge potential for Ecommerce to grow even during the Pandemic!

This is why ecommerce is a silver lining for many businesses who are finding ways to expand their brand and product exposure during the pandemic. So even though there are more new ecommerce businesses forming each day, based on the above reports, customers spending demand is higher than before and you have the opportunity to be part of the ecommerce growth wave!

Of course it is not always easy to start an ecommerce business and become successful overnight. You first need to decide whether you want to setup your own website, or start selling on online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, or setup both a ecommerce website and ecommerce marketplace account. Afterwards, you need to list all of your products on the platform and begin selling. However, there is no guarantee that you will make consistent sales after you list your products. There are many factors to consider in order to receive any sales, or even your first sale: factors such as your brand story, marketing and advertising campaigns, product image quality, whether your product listing is optimized or not, and even the amount of customer reviews you have for your product, etc.     

The real question you should be asking is, "How do I start my ecommerce business? And what do I need to do to grow my brand?"

We will share our answer below with two case studies: 

Vitagreen Case Study

From Traditional Chinese Health Supplement Retailer to a Reputable Global Ecommerce Store

Vitagreen is a renowned brand being the manufacturer and distributor of health and beauty products in Hong Kong.

Its business’s majority is in Hong Kong B2C market. It is primarily known for its line of Doctor's Choice brand vitamins and traditional Chinese medicine line which are available in Manning's and Watson's locations throughout the region.

It had long been interested in developing the market oversea and first started its international ecommerce business with internal team.

With limited experience and knowledge in the ecommerce world, it is hit with many hiccups and mess-ups.

Luckily, Vitagreen seeked out external help from Xborder4u and turned its ecommerce global expansion around. 

Xborder4u helped Vitagreen to leverage their Amazon's Brand Registry registration (which helps protects their product listing from counterfeits or trademark issues), to build A+ product listing content, Amazon Storefront design, and product listing optimization. 

Only after 2 years of working with Xborder4u (since 2020), Foreigner to Chinese ratio has grown from 3:7 to 5:5 which is a successful penetration into the western market. Vitagreen’s CPA for new customer in the global ecommerce channel is also far below than its pre-existing local Hong Kong retail market.

KBH Case Study

A One Man Team to a Ecommerce Powerhouse for Automotive Accessories

KBH has over 10 years of sourcing experience of automotive accessories.  KBH has been selling world class automotive accessories such as replacement seat covers, armrest covers, door panel covers, center console covers, & sun visors directly to their global customers on eBay marketplace.

However, KBH desire is to expand their ecommerce presence on the Amazon marketplace, but they did not know how to sell on Amazon nor do they have enough manpower to manage another marketplace.

KBH found out about Xborder4u Marketplace Management services and decided to work with Xborder4u to manage every aspect of running its own Amazon store.

After working with Xborder4u for 3 years (since 2019), its one-man team structure has transformed into a global ecommerce powerhouse, achieving 1000% growth in Amazon sales. Within 2 years, the total sales figure on Amazon for KBH alone has surpassed its figure on Ebay equivalence, which needed 5 years to attain.

In both case studies, both brands used our Marketplace Management services to help launch their brand on Amazon. They gave us full permission to their Amazon accounts to manage all aspects of the Marketplace platform from product listing, Amazon Ad placement, Amazon storefont design, A+ Content listing prepration, customer service handling, and Amazon FBA/Merchant Fulfllment logistics services. 

We are humbled to work with such committed and focused brands who want to achieve success in the global marketing during the pandemic. The amount of competition does not matter, it is about having a proper ecommerce strategy and maximizing your resources to have an upperhand over the competition. 

Why Work With Xborder4u?

Here are TOP 3 Reasons


  1. We help you overcome your fear of starting an ecommerce business on Amazon

When starting your own crossborder ecommerce business, the online environment can seem unfamiliar and normally requires you to consider your business strategy on a whole new level. As an ecommerce agency, we represent ourselves as an Amazon business consultant and a ecommerce enabler, fully helping you manage your Amazon account store from start to finish. 

Hiring an Amazon Marketplace Account Management Service Agency will provide you with all the help you need to build a fresh Amazon marketing strategy for the new digital environment. Our team will make sure that your business goals are defined and determined to maximize your results and reach buying customers around the world while protecting you brand from Amazon store suspension and restriction. 


 2. We help setup Amazon stores seamlessly

Opening a Seller account requires verifying a legitimate company and verifying a main user for the account. Sometimes the registration might need additional information and documentation that could be confusing.

Xborder4u offers a Marketplace Launch service that will assist you in gathering and preparing all required documentation for the Amazon account opening. This allows you to pass on time- consuming paperwork in the hands of our Amazon Account Consultant and instead focus your resources on growing your brand.


3. We make your brand standout with our "Amazon Brand Management" service 

You may of created your own brand and trademark, but doesn't mean it is protected while you try to sell your products on Amazon. If you require full product listing authority, then you need to register your brand on Amazon. We help you register your trademark in the Amazon Brand Registry to protect your intellectual property. 

After successfully registering your brand through Amazon Brand Registry. Your Amazon store will will have access to extensive content opportunities that are not available for unregistered brands. For example, you will have more space available in the product description, so you are able to answer FAQ's already before the customer even thinks of them.

Your Amazon branded storefront & all branded product listings will be newly created and managed through our service. 

So if you are interested to start your Amazon ecommerce journey with Xborder4u, for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, we are happy to announce that we are offering a FREE 30-MIN CONSULTATION with our ecommerce consultants. All of our consultants have at least 10+ years of ecommerce experience and have developed and scaled amazing products.

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